Customer Service

CS Department

Delhi scooters has a strong CS department where primary importance is given to what the customer needs and expects. Every step is taken keeping the customer in mind. Customer satisfaction is directly related to customer service.

Delhi Scooters primarily focuses on Customer Service-where all possible efforts are taken to ensure customer is satisfied. Some of the efforts taken by us to ensure CS include:

  • Our Cs department that is headed by our Customer Relationship Manager: who is responsible to ensure customers get the best service here and all there queries are handled.
  • Customer meets are conducted in the showroom where different group of customers are invited to so we can meet them and discuss their concerns and know them better and create a personal bond with them
  • BBC-Bike Birthday Celebration is a CS related activity conducted by us where customers who complete 1year with there Yamaha bike are invited to the showroom to celebrate the birthday of there bikes. It’s a ceremony where the customers cuts a cake and is made to feel special
  • Mehndi activity– all our female customers are invited to the showroom on special occasions like navratra where they can apply mehndi and have a good time.
  • Bike Delivery Ceremony is done by our CRM just to make the customer feel special
  • Serving the customer refreshments when they are sitting in our showroom and creating an experience for them is another effort taken by us
  • Our customers are regularly reminded to get there periodic service done as and when there service gets due-this is done to ensure the customer s bike works smoothly
  • Solving all the customer related problems till they don’t get satisfied
  • Special assistance is given to female customers visiting our showroom
  • We provide pick and drop facilty if a customer gets stuck due to any problem in his bike
  • Customers staying a little far are offered to be picked and dropped when they want to give there bike for service
  • An option of home delivery is given to the customer where the bikes or scooter purchased by him would be delivered to his place

The warmth of Delhi Scooters has created “KANDO” i.e. touched the hearts and lives of many generations now. The company has grown over the years and with the changing times, has grown with the generations. The dedicated team, under the guidance of Mr. Vikram Kakar has served the people from all caste, creed, ages with different tastes and likings. The warm and cordial environment extended to all its customers makes the visit, a memorable experience. The young sales team has become a benchmark for others to follow.

Delhi scooter s put customers first in everything we do. We take decisions keeping the customer in mind. Visit us once to know how it feels to be a Delhi Scooter Customer

Our corporate mission of being a “Kando* Creating Company” is an expression of our desire to offer our customers around the world products and services that bring joy and unexpected exhilaration of the kind that enriches their lives with new fulfillment

Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our motto and we remain steadfast in our commitment to our valued customers…Offering Nothing But the Very BEST to Them.

We, Delhi Scooters are committed to: Be the Exclusive & Trusted Brand renowned for marketing and delivering of YAMAHA products, focusing on serving our customer where we can build long term relationships by raising their lifestyle through performance excellence, proactive design & innovative technology. Our innovative solutions will always exceed the changing needs of our customers and provide value added vehicles.Our employees are the most valuable assets and we intend to develop them to achieve international level of professionalism with progressive career development. As a good corporate citizen, we will conduct our business ethically and socially in a responsible manner with concerns for the environment.

Grow through continuously innovating our business processes for creating value and knowledge across our customers thereby earning the loyalty of our customers & increasing our stakeholder value in Yamaha


Bike/Scooter Delivery Ceremony by our Customer Relationship Manager

Our Customer Relationship Manager conducts the delivery ceremony with the sales executive of the bikes and scooters to our valuable customers. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) working towards giving the customers an excellent experience at the dealership and creating an emotional connect with the customer.

CRM Training to Dealership Staff

Our Customer Relationship Manager on the Job giving our Dealership
staff Training on how to provide excellent Customer Satisfction to the
Customers during their visit to our dealerships. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) working towards giving the
customers an excellent experience at the dealership


BBC is an activity organised by us to celebrate the special day when the customers purchased their bikes. When the customers complete one year they are invited to the showroom where we cut a cake and make the customers enjoy with some games and an interactive sessions takes place.

YFSP - Yamaha Family Safety Progrmme

YSFP was an activity planned by Delhi Scooters where in the potential masses were explained about safe driving and given safety tips as to how they can be safe yet ride happily. Masses were given a chance to take a tesr tide of our Family Scooter Alpha. It had a license support desk, where those interested were given an option to get there license easily by paying nominal RTO Charges if they cleared the test. The activity was full of fun for the kids accompanying their parents where they could meet Zippy Cartoon and could participate in a singing and dancing competition with Zippy and win attractive prizes. This was a small initiative taken by Delhi Scooters to encourage all those people who hesitate to ride and guide them on Safe Riding.


It was a prestigious moment when Miss Delhi visited our premises during the launch of our scooter RAY in 2012. Customers part of our Delhi Scooters Family were overwhelmed to meet Miss Delhi and receive a gift and to get a picture clicked with her.


Delhi scooters has a facility of Test Ride where every customer can first take a test ride of the vehicle he desires to purchase so he can see if it suits his requirements. It is an important part of selling and we encourage every customer to take a Test Ride.


Customer was being delivered sports bike V Max by the CBU team in Delhi Scooters.


Carnivals were organised in Delhi Scooters showroom were all the customers were invited with their kids to take part in the carnival which had all exciting activities for the kids.The kids loved it too much and would not want to leave.
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